A Serious - and Seriously Good - Rosé

May 02, 2019

A Serious - and Seriously Good - Rosé

Sancerre, as you may now, is lean, crisp and focused. Some Sancerre wines get downright puckery. I think that’s a good thing. You may not.

But Sancerre Rosé is perfect for both of us: dry and elegant (but no pucker), fresh and fruity. The telltale minerality of the region shows through, making it not just another ‘same ‘ole’ rosé.

This is serious - and seriously good - rosé.

A lovely pale watermelon-colored, strawberry-laced example of the Pinot Noir grape.

Chill it down and picnic it, serve it with seafoods, salads and soft goats milk cheeses or deviled eggs, drink it in a hammock - or all three.

Refresh.” It’s not just a computer term.

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