Long before that little cherub shot an arrow into the rear target...

February 07, 2019

2004 Domaine Jean Vesselle, Grand Cru, Petit Clos Blanc de Noir

Champagne for the 14th of February.

Ah, Valentine’s Day.

Long before that little cherub shot an arrow into the rear target of some unsuspecting dolt (could Legolas be Cupid in disguise?), there was a different set of circumstances for this Saint Valentine and the namesake day: animal sacrifices, a ‘she-wolf’! Oh, and Saint V was murdered as well. The legend of Valentine’s death is murky, but it may have included torture like Carpenters records on repeat or Velveeta cheese fondue. Not sure.

Hardly lovey-dovey stuff, this legend. Maybe that’s why a lot of people are not fans of Valentine’s day.

But that’s no excuse to stay away from the bubbles. Champagne is magical whether you spend the 14th eating Pringles and watching WWF wrestling or staring into the eyes of your beloved over candlelight, chocolate soufflés and the possibility of either epic love or plates being hurled back and forth like Frisbees.

But Champagne is still - and always - the way to go.

All kidding aside, however you feel about the day, it’s another day to be glad to be alive, and hopefully in love. So taste that feeling. And wash it down with Champagne. Good Champagne.

Please find a selection of fine sparkling wine below:

2004 Domaine Jean Vesselle, Grand Cru, Petit Clos Blanc de Noir ~ $139.95
When Champagne ages well it’s so special, like nothing else. And it’s hard to hit the bullseye. This is so perfect - if you are pulling out the stops - this is the wine. Made from just a quarter acre plot. Floral, citrus (orange and lemon) notes, so elegantly presented. Such delicacy from 100% Pinot Noir. And so complete. Serve with fatty but subtly spiced seafood- salmon, black cod, that sort of thing. Or just serve it to savor and enjoy every taste. It is packaged in a beautiful box with a poem on parchment, sealed with a wax stamp - perfect for that special gift.

Moussé Fils, ‘L’Or d’Eugene’ Cuvée Perpetuelle ~ $49.95
Zippy and refreshing. Floral, hint of honeysuckle that lends an interesting nuance. The wine is complete and shows a lot of class. Think half shell oysters here.

Taittinger, Prestige Brut Rosé ~ $59.95
Pinots Noir and Meunier along with Chardonnay make the blend.
Focused, with expected strawberry notes and watermelon hint. Full body, but still retains elegance due to the Chardonnay. O.K. to pair it with more robust dishes than you might expect.

Taittinger, Brut La Française ~ $39.95
Absolutely tremendous value and has been for decades. Fullish, but with good acid. Ever-so-slight dough quality on the nose. Lime undertone.

Wishing you a happy and sparking February 14th!
The WineBank Team


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