A stone’s throw from Mouton & a few par-5’s from Lafite

February 23, 2019

Château Chantecler, Pauillac

A stone’s throw from Mouton. A few par-5’s from Lafite.

Underrated wine, underrated vintage, superb price. The perfect storm.
Pauillac: Lafite. Mouton. Chantecler?

Bordeaux wouldn’t seem to hold many surprises anymore; despite the on-going renaissance and renovation, Bordeaux is old world, mapped and catalogued, delineated and demarcated. But things do surprise, once in a great while.

Chantecler is one.

Château Chantecler

It’s a four-minute drive from Lafite to Chantecler and an eight-minute walk from Mouton. This postage stamp of a property (one hectare!) is right smack in the high-rent district of Chateaux Lafite and Mouton.

The grapes were sold to Mouton-Rothschild and Lafite-Rothschild for many years. There were over ten hectares of vines. But vineyard land values skyrocketed, and all but one hectare was sold off. Yannick Mirande, the son, was able to rescue one lone hectare. Chantecler was born. With only one hectare under vine, there isn’t much of this wine around.

The wine:

Freshness, focus. An elegant wine, yet fullish on the palate. Tannins noticeable but not harsh. Lovely balance. Classic Pauillac, reminiscent of the Lynch Bages tobacco notes and pencil lead to the nose. Black fruits on the palate. Drinkable, yes, (2 hours plus in a decanter please) but the wine needs at least half a decade to gain weight and complexity. Chantecler is the real deal.

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Château Chantecler

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