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Buisson-Charles, Meursault, Vielle Vignes, Burgundy White 2016

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Year: 2016

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Buisson-Charles is managed by Catherine Buisson and her husband Patrick Essa, a 6.3 hectare estate that has been in the family for several generations. Resolutely turned towards the future, they has for several years been engaged in a policy of renovation and extension of his winery and cellars in order to further refine his winemaking and vinification to be closer to the great terroirs he has. exceptional chance to produce. These have always been cultivated on the basis of regular plowing work which excludes the presence of weed killers. This resolutely natural approach to the vine is found intensely in the white (70%) and red wines that are all vinified, aged and bottled by the estate. The estate now operates nearly 4 hectares of Meursault and Meursault Premier Crus in very diverse climates that allow for a complex blend of cuvée, the Meursault "Vieilles-Vignes" and to isolate special vintages such as Tessons en village. and Charmes, Cras, Bouches-Chères and Goutte d'Or in first growths. The very old vines - between 30 and 90 years - being naturally unproductive they allow to obtain after vinification and aging very concentrated wines destined for the long guard. An assumed choice that anchors the production of the estate in the long term.

Vielle Vignes is an assemblage of six different parcels the Meursault "village" of the estate from a selection of old vines over 45 years old. The six plots form an ensemble of more than two hectares with plots located all around the village. Some vineyards are in the hills - Virailles and Meix Chavaux - and bring freshness and tension, others in the hills just under the first growths, strongly mark the wine by bringing them body - Marcausses, White Vines and Pellans - while the parcel of Millerands resting on gravel gives the whole wine a delicacy. The Meursault Vieilles Vignes is always very concentrated and requires a few years of maturation under glass before fully indulging. It is aged exclusively in barrels, about 20% of which are new. It is also an excellent wine to enjoy as an aperitif or with seafood.

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