Large Format Wines

Large format wine bottles offer many benefits. Aside from their impressive appearance, they make the perfect complement to any large gathering or special occasion. Commemorate major events — a wedding, birthday or anniversary – as they are able to stand up to the test of time for you to enjoy many years into the future.

By adding a few large format bottles to your collection, you demonstrate your wine expertise to your friends and family. After all, these rare trophies make for a great conversation starter or statement piece!


Increased aging potential

Compared to a typical 750ml wine bottle, a large format bottle has less oxygen trapped inside relative to the volume of wine. This is the ratio of air to liquid. Reduced oxygen by volume allows the wine to oxidize more slowly and lengthens the aging process. And strengthening the overall stability of the wine positively affects aroma and flavor development as the wine ages. Given proper cellaring conditions, a large format bottle can yield wine that ages longer and tends to be more robust.

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