Domaine Garnier, Chablis, Montmains, Burgundy White 2016

Bottle Size: 750ml

Year: 2016

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Two brothers, Xavier and Gerome Garnier, are united by a common passion for wine who value the liberty to go beyond the requirements of the appellation and at the same time respect the identity of each of our terroirs. The close fellowship which unites the eight people who work on our undertaking is reflected in the sharing together of a glass of our Chablis, Grand as well as Petit.

This is where Chablis was born offering its pale and shining light to the world of wine, its nose distinguishable amongst all the chardonnays of the world. The first growth "Mont de milieu" is a fine example. Its natural elegance comes from a single location. The grand cru "Vaudesir" has its origins in the original 260 acres (104 has) of the appellation. The earth and the chalk are in absolute harmony, producing the grand cru "Les Clos" whose dryness is transformed into sheer pleasure after being left for at least five years in a well shaded cellar.

The wine: It is often referred to as the most floral of the Premiers Crus. Of the 24 Premiers Crus from the left bank, this wine has three-star appeal. Its name comes from a distortion of the spelling “The Mont Moyen”, meaning that its elevation is in between that of the two taller, surrounding hills. 2016: The bright yellow peel of a lemon doesn’t just coat the glass; it fills it with fragrances of lemon zest and orange blossoms. Its attack is dynamic. Fruit shortly follows and flows towards its more serious side; the dense flavour of blue marl. The oysters better watch out…

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