Domaine Pfister, Gewurztraminer, Tradition 2013

Bottle Size: 750ml

Rating: WE 94

Year: 2013

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From the Domaine Pfister website:

The yellow-fruited richness of mirabelle compote with a touch of vanilla becomes apparent on the nose. The palate is just as luscious as promised but also carries a welcome, thrilling streak of lemon oil at its core, brightening and framing the medium-sweetness with its zesty lift. A touch of pleasant phenolic bitterness can just about be felt, adding dimension to the palate. Lovely. Drink.

Two parcels, three acres total, all in the lieu-dit of Silberberg (see Riesling Tradition above for more on Silberberg). This is made in tank with a long aging on the lees and typically bottled in August before the harvest--but if the wine needs more time, it's given more time, for there is space in the cellar to do this. The terroir here is based on limestone, making for an elegant, dry style of Gewurztraminer in contrast to the more often found big bruiser Gewurzt. Production averages 200-400 cases.

As early as 1780, Nicolas Pfister lived as a “bourgeois wine-grower” using the farm buildings that are still in place today. The estate and how-know were subsequently handed down from father to son, in the traditional manner. 

There was a turning point in 1972, when Alfred Pfister handed over the business to his son Andre. With the support of his wife Marie-Anne, the latter would implement a new approach, resolutely forward-thinking and designed to benefit future generations. Having inherited the expertise of the six previous generations of wine-growers, he soon decided to devote himself to ecologically responsible wine-growing while modernising facilities and equipment. The work carried out on the vines and in the cellar pursued the single objective of obtaining the highest quality fruit and wines, bearing the hallmark of their terroir.

The latest chapter in the story has seen the arrival on the estate of Melanie, the eighth generation of Pfisters, and the first woman in the line of succession. Trained in Bordeaux and then Dijon as an engineer and oenologist, she intends to apply her knowledge and diverse practical experiences to the ongoing quest for perfection that epitomizes the estate.

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