Rudd Oakville Estate Samantha's Vineyard 2016

Bottle Size: 750ml

Rating: WA97+

Year: 2016

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Very deep purple-black in color, it leaps from the glass with vibrant cassis, blackberry pie and preserved plums scents with nuances of mocha, pencil shavings, menthol, lilacs and cloves plus a touch of chargrilled meat. The medium to full-bodied palate is super intense with layer upon layer of black fruits, savory and floral notions and a rock-solid foundation of grainy tannins, finishing very long and very minerally. 698 cases produced.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Wine Advocate. Tasting date: January, 2019


As stewards of exceptional land we seek to create wines that reflect the ultimate expression of our world-class terroir — respecting the traditions of the past, challenging the present, and imagining future possibilities.

The team members work together in the relentless and uncompromising pursuit of a shared singular goal: to achieve the absolute pinnacle of our land’s potential. It is their intention that Rudd Estate embodies a sense of timelessness, passing down expertise and commitment to their vision through generations, with each generation earning the right to steward the land and accepting the responsibility to do better than the preceding one. Rudd Estate’s discerning customers appreciate their craftsmanship, and the meaningful connections they forge with them enhance both their lives.


Truly great wines are a result of place, season and know-how. They are said to reflect their birthplace and are fundamentally an agricultural endeavor – their most impactful decisions are driven by and often made in the field. For that reason they consider themselves winegrowers rather than winemakers and see their wines as the product of both their site and expertise.

Rudd Estate stands out as an exceptional place with unmatched terroir – uniquely situated within Napa Valley with a geologic backbone of volcanic rock weathered into core stone bedrock and alluvial sediments creating iron-rich, well-drained soil ideal for growing grapes. Their vineyards are farmed organically by their own full-time team. Having their own team enables some of the most significant winemaking actions of the year to be made in a focused, adaptive, and timely manner. Most importantly, this control over the vineyards allows them to learn from the cycles of each season and alter their techniques to bring out the unique potential of the Estate’s land.


Because they consider themselves craftsmen, they refer to their winery as the Workshop. Knowing that the wine is at its greatest potential the day it arrives as grapes in picking totes, their new Workshop was designed as an extension of their  winegrowing operations.  As not all growing seasons are the same, and they do not have the same goals for each lot, there are a diversity of winemaking tools available.  This includes barrel fermentation, stainless steel fermentation and their unique concrete tanks. Never compromising on quality, they combine the best in traditional French winemaking techniques with American technological innovation. Two decades of study have provided them with the expertise to truly understand their terroir and create a wine worthy of its greatness.



Made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged for 21 months in 86% new French oak. This is a vineyard selection blend usually harvested slightly later. The Caves are where their wine’s texture is refined and natural tannins work at their own speed to refine the noble characteristics of their terroir.

Immediately after purchasing the winery in 1996, the existing caves were enhanced and expanded to 20,000 square feet. The 78,000 tons of bedrock and stone that were blasted out were reused to build the stone walls around the property. Zone temperature and humidity controls were added to allow each varietal to be treated uniquely and also aid in barrel fermentation when appropriate.

Although they believe that the main purpose of wine is for pleasure and to keep company in the rituals of good living, good eating, and the joys of being together, the Caves also house the Rudd Wine Library that contains past vintages of all Rudd wines along with Leslie’s personal wine collection.


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