Wine Tasting - Take 4 Wednesdays 190522

Welcome to the Winebank “Take 4” Wednesday Wine Tastings! 
$5 dollars for all 4 Wines!

Drop in and try some wine with us.
 We’ll pour anything and everything - bubbles, reds, whites and rosés from all over the globe. We’ll introduce you to strange and wonderful grape types from strange and wonderful places along with the traditional fare. 

You’ll experience wines with an affordable price tag ($), wines that are mid-range ($$), and (every now and again) ridiculously priced gems that you can put in your home cellar after you win the lottery ($$$).

Cost: $5 at the door (you read that right!)

Division Wine Company, Rosé of Gamay Noir, l'Avoiron 2018 ~ $19/bottle. 
The rose is dry, full and crisp. Really lovely springtime wine. Division Wines, a funky operation based in Portland, is making some really cool stuff.

Dievole, Chiant Classico 2015 ~ $18/bottle. A GREAT twenty-dollar wine! Smoky and warm with fresh red fruits and just a hint of nutmeg. We tasted the whole line and they were all delicious and so balanced. If it makes you want to have it with mushroom ravioli, we get it.

Domaine Richou, Anjou, Les 4 Chemins, Cabernet Franc 2016 ~ $18/bottle.  Spice, pepper and soft, ripe fruit. Toss a simple pasta, pull a cork. Easy Peasy.

Chateau Chantecler, Pauillac 2014 ~ $70/bottle. Fine Cabernet- based Bordeaux with a bit of extra age. Tiny property sandwiched between two of the greatest Bordeaux properties. One-tenth of the price.

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