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Consignment Wine

Are you looking to make room in your cellar or take advantage of the current market for your wines? Consider WineBank your personal sommelier, here to help you with all your wine needs including consigning your wine. Our job is to get your wines in front of the right people and here at the WineBank, we are uniquely positioned to provide that personalized service throughout the process.


Our wine experts have extensive experience buying and selling fine wines and can help you attain the best return for your wine investment. We are also interested in purchasing your wines outright, directly from you. 


It’s a very simple process. First, tell us about the wines you’d like to sell, then we research the market and work together to set the price, taking into consideration our consignment fee. WineBank does the rest. We will photograph and market your wine and once sold, we handle all shipping and logistics. While many consignors pay quarterly, WineBank sends payments monthly.

If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, to start the process, simply email us, describing your wine in detail, at info@winebank.com. If you are outside the area, please contact us to discuss. 


Or provide us with the following information for each wine:

  • Vintage
  • Format (750ml, 1.5L)
  • Winery/Producer
  • Label/Wine
  • Quality (Grand Cru, Reserva, GG)
  • Quantity
  • Notes 
  • Your contact information

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@winebank.com or call directly Monday through Friday, 11am to 7pm Pacific at +1 (650) 327-9200.